August 8, 2012

Ta Ta...

I will be away from this blog due to some personal reasons.

Thank you for being with us during this period.

Take care!

July 12, 2012


I know schooling does not mean going to various enrichments and tutions besides regular school hours.

Acquiring knowledge should bee fun. Its a self reminder that I should not pack the children's childhood with various academic classes.

Enjoying their childhood is the objective that I am spending more time with them guiding and coaching them.

June 28, 2012


Many were shocked to know I am going to embark in a new career, and at the same time, I will be managing my 3 imps without help.

I smell challenge coming my way, albeit Hubs and I decided this is an ideal arrangement at least for now), as it is just as important to us to have more parental involvement in our children's growing years.

Letting go of my Mom's help after so many years may sound like an impulse decision we had made. Trust me, many things went through, a lot of emotional exchanges and exasperation that I (or probably we, Mom may feel the same too!) went through is quite a toil.

"Can you manage alone?"

This question was posted to me many times. In her words to a few relatives and dear Papa, I am selfish. Let it be. I know jolly well how unhappy I was for many months that made up as a few years. I have Hubs' understanding in this matter. This is most important isn't it?

Decision was shaken once, I was furious upon knowing what was told to others. I silently bear with it, swallowing my tears. I can't tell anyone. Not even the dearest that sleeps next to me.

Since the chance arises for a change, there is little reason I should let the opportunity slip by.

I appreciate what was done when her aid was around, I really do. Sane or strain, I have to make a choice. I decided to stay sane by straining a lil.

Why are we turning things this way? I guess the lack of parental involvement in my early years carve an impact. This impact, affects me so much so that it cannot be mended no matter how hard I tried.

June 24, 2012

Our Soccer Fans!

Papa is into England and Manchester United. There are some other teams he supported. Look at his lil ones!

Ain't they looking cool?

On phones!

Hubby enjoys shopping. There are even more reasons to go to the malls in this sweltering heat.

Plaza Singapura is not a place we frequent. For several reasons and parking is one of them. It's simply too crowded on weekends, the carpark I mean.

The man wanted to pop over today as they have a Samsung roadshow by one of the red telco. You may have guessed, it's for the latest Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The telco arranged for a magic show performance and it fascinated the children.

I ain't kissing goodbye to my iPhone, yet. I fell in love with the the aesthetic of this phone. Lighter, bigger screen, superior camera functions...blah blah blah!

One thing we both enjoyed is to have our 3 lil imps in tow.

I am looking forward to using my new toy! Can't wait! Simply can't wait!

June 11, 2012


Like I mentioned in the earlier post, we had a change of plan, hopefully for the better for both the family and the children.

I did some explaining to E, sharing with her about the change, and what can be expected.

Least expected from her was when she replied, "Don't give up your dreams. You are still young. Do things you think it's best for yourself. Don't always give up your dreams for us, Mom."

Tears welled up when I heard these from my firstborn. Ain't she growing up so fast?

Indeed I may be giving up some of my dreams, what I had aspired to do and aspired to be when I was younger. No, I do not have regrets. For children will only be this young once, soon, they will no longer need me!

On our way to Bugis, I explained to her the need to make such a change. On our way back, I explained to her it was not entirely a sacrifice.

Life isn't smooth sailing as we would love it'd be.

This change may be for the better. The well being of the children is much more of a priority compared to anything else at this phase of parenthood.

Here's us. We took the MRT out instead of driving today!

June 8, 2012

That Step

It took me such a long time to take this step.

The agony, the emotional burden and the feelings of others. I am thankful for the twist of events that steered me forward to this day when I finally spoke up for the better of us.

No bad feelings (just some weird facial reactions), it was a calm transpiration.

Somehow, I am really looking forward to this fresh start. I need positive vibes around. No baggage, no ill feelings. Just a peaceful life I'd been yearning for.

Good luck to us!